We are a team having know-how to deliver a quality web project - from ideas to design and programming to maintenance.

People are mostly located at Kuopio, Finland and Hamburg, Germany. If we need reinforcements or expertise from a specific business field we aren't afraid to contact one of our brilliant partners.

Tipi Koivisto
Tipi CEO image
CEO, Full stack developer

Career started: Tipi got interested about computers when playing games with Atari and Amiga 500+ at the age of 8. At high school he stopped playing completely because instead of playing Counter-Strike 16 hours per day he could actually do something more instructive with his computer. So he applied to master program in computer science at EUF Joensuu and graduated from software engineering. At that point he was working as a Java and embedded systems developer in a company offering proprietary closed source software. Tipi was already using Linux Debian and other open source software but after being a Chairman at the North-Karelian Computer Science Association he really got excited about possibilities of open source software like CMS/CMF's or Android platform which are better than similar licensed closed sourced products. After working as a freelancer in various Drupal projects a few years he founded TIP Solutions.

Works most efficiently: Between 3:00-9:00 PM and with Xubuntu.

Loves: Nerds, internet, devOps, floorball and sports.

Other passions: Nutrition and performance, stand up, self-improvement.

In the internet you find him at:               

Pekka Heikkinen
Peki, Front end developer, image
Frontend developer

Peki manages any UI/UX and graphical related stuff. He works with all the techniques from the acronym salad like SASS, LESS, CSS you name it. Outside work Peki is a sportsman all the way. If he is not performing his daily training, he is probably watching soccer, NFL or floorball from his computer.

Works most efficiently: After 9:00 AM if it is not critical.

Other: Probably the most lean person in the world who drinks more than one liter of Coca-cola per day.

Jukka Turunen
Jukka, designer, image
Graphic designer

ENDING UP AS DESIGNER: As a kid Jukka loved drawing and computers. He and the other kids used to play games with PC (Intel 80286 FTW), C64 and NES and often the characters from games ended up in some of the drawings as well. Little bit later it came to his knowledge that computers could be used to create drawings as well - he was dumbfounded. After making silly animations in the first versions of Powerpoint back in the day and making drawings with Paint on Windows 3.1, he introduced himself to Corel Draw and Photoshop and have been designing stuff ever since. To support to his talents he's been studying communication and graphic design. He started his first business Point Blank Design before getting his Bachelor of Culture and Arts degree in 2011.


LOVES: A good match in Rocket League and/or Overwatch, making music, corgis.


Janis Bullert
Janis, programmer, image

Janis is finishing his masters degree in computer science at Hamburg university and is currently working as a software developer. Before that he was teaching software development at the university, was one of the software developers for DialogueMaps and was working in Quality Assurence for a dating website.

WORKS MOST EFFICIENTLY: Between 00:00-12:00 AM to 12:00-00:00 PM and all the time with Neo keyboard layout.

DIET: One Soylent-Smoothie per day so he does not waste energy for digestion.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Not my cup of Tea.