XRG Simulation GmbH

Project description

XRG Simulation is a company in Hamburg providing in modelling and simulation software. Their multiple products cover areas at industries like aerospace, power plants and automobile. The main purpose for the new CMS is to function as a marketing channel and provide information for the clients.

Branding material and design was already created by agency communication company E D W A R D T O N Y.  Our job was to build the new website and migrate the old one to it.

The new site was a pretty basic CMS project including multilingual support, responsive design, basic SEO and migration. We decided to build the site with Paragraphs module to solve the old problem that the end user (content manager) can break the design (for multiple devices) by embedding non optimized content to WYSIWYG editor. Using Paragraphs and responsive image styles there is always a right place for images and text.


Maybe the biggest separate job was to implement the product carousel on the front page and get it to work properly on all devices - from which we wrote a blog post because we also though it would be an easy job.

We are now using Paragraphs in every project and we have had only positive feedback from the content managers. The module seem to be a real game changer to the "challenge" that all content is included to a one text field through WYSIWYG editor. The investment to write a little bit more CSS (or LESS/SASS) before launch is definitely better than the end user fighting every time when creating new content or fixing design bugs to the live site. 

The project was also developed using Drupal composer template and Config split module together so the further development is fast and reliable.

I am very pleased to the end result.
Stefan Wischhusen, CEO