Project description

The Finnish Information Processing Association, TIVIA is an association for Finnish ICT professionals which also has another thirty different member organizations. Members in TIVIA include about ten thousand members and the other interest groups about 400 members.

TIVIA offers their associaties a possibility to have a website from their multisite environment.

In the project the old Drupal 6 multisite was upgrade to 7 because the support to 6 was about the end. Version 8 was not yet ready so the decision was to move first to 7 which has been to be the right decision. To install the new site quickly on hosting platform also Aegir was configured like in the old system.

In the same time when the migration from the old platform was made also a totally new brand for the association was made. The website played a big part of the launching campaign. Other bigger challenges of the projects were Shibboleth -authentication which the users were able to log in the site or to the user management software used by TIVIA.

TIP Solutions implemented the website development, integrations and a new hosting platform.


In a larger project where publishing date is already set and there are many actors the planing and decision making becomes more and more important.

On the technical side time is saved using the right kind of workflow and coordination of work. When the goal and vision is clear and implementation plan agreed by everyone the time and energy can be concentrated on working the product. This is also one of the principle on agile software development which emphasize the development over too much documentation.

The project was launch on time when the right decisions were made what to put on to the initial product and what to leave for further development.

Technical know-how is superior.
Aki Pitkäjärvi, Project manager, CEO / Acamar Consulting