Project description

Savo Consortium for Education is a cluster of schools and educational services at Kuopio area. The website functions as a main information delivering channel and a marketing tool. It is used by the students, personnel and new visitors searching for studying opportunities. was rebuild in 2015 after using the commercial product. The hosting and development costs are now minimal compared to the old CMS without any licence costs. The website was developed by our partner Crealab. TIP Solutions planned and implemented hosting to Sakky's own virtual servers and offered some consultation.


Choosing the right kind of hosting and monitoring might seem like a unimportant thing but it will be one of the most important things while the project evolves and scales. If the site is slow the users don't like to use it or they won't use it at all. A solution that is scalable saves time and costs when more resources or performance are needed.

The loading speed of the site is monitored by our monitoring system which gives the possibility to analyse performance problems.

The CMS is of course TLS, meaning https, encrypted.

TIP Solutions has delivered agreed businesses confidently and fast.
Eero Väätäinen, Sales and marketing lead manager / Sakky