Finn-US and Halmari

Project description

Finn-US and Halmari are companies which core business is to ship cargo (like cars, motorcycles and containers) from USA to Finland and all over the world. 

Because the business is separated to two different companies there was a need to two similar websites. First was build from which we cloned the site and applied the same concepts to design which can also be branded fast again when needed in the future. 

In the project the old Wordpress CMS website was migrated to Drupal CMS. The design was updated and the custom plugins / modules were ported. The most time challenging part was the cargo calculator which is used to calculate the order- and shipping costs and then directly order the shipment. On the way the module was enhanced to be E.g. multilingual and more usable to the user.

Other more time consuming part was implementing the warehouse address creation to Magaya-software where the user can follow her shipments. Here the Webform module was used and expanded with a custom module.

In design the main priorities were a) Simple b) Responsive. The point was the site is easy to use for every single visitor and works with every device.

TIP Solutions made all areas of the project.


In development the most hours were used to port the old modules. Other bigger part was to make the site usable as possible for the visitors.

Right after the website was published very positive feedback came from the old and new Finn-US customers how the new order process works.

The site is fully multilingual where other languages can be added easily when the new company expanses to other areas in the world.

As a hosting solution we used a standard TIP Solutions stack for Drupal 8 projects.

Co-operation works great even if there is an Atlantic ocean between us.
Mikko Tikkanen, IT Manager / Finn-US