Commerce web shop with a Hotellinx integration

Project description

After completing the Kunnopaikka spa hotel website project we built a web store using Drupal Commerce which is an optimal solution for complex online stores. The hotel uses the Hotellinx ERP system to manage all room reservations, bookings, crafted offer packages, etc. in the system. The desirable state for the staff would be that they could create vendible rooms and offers only in Hotellinx and these "packages" would appear in the store automatically for sale. We released a series of articles about the technical implementation for other Drupal professionals.

The sellable "packages" or promotions might be available only with a campaign code or they could be restricted to be available with a certain criterion (e.g. date range or night count). Packages also should support multilingual capabilities for international sales.

The advantages would be to manage all sales themselves like updating room descriptions and promotions for sale without contacting a third party service. Additionally, these sellers (like take a 10%-25% fee from all sales! Yet another advantage is that you can create promotions to be paid immediately online or when checking in which makes receiving the money faster (even if the customer decides not to come).


Hotellinx ERP and Drupal Commerce as webstore



The next release will include an additional step to the customer booking process where the customer can include additional services like champagne or a massage to their order. The goal is not only to increase the overall sales but to make the management of the purchased services easier for the staff and more convenient for the customer.


The shop is fully functional and without any additional marketing efforts there has been bookings from the first day on. The hotel is currently fully booked but of course there is a buffer build to restrict (or spare some rooms for unexpected customers) overbooking.

As a bonus for the sales staff we optimized the email flow and order management to be more efficient.

Very satisfied with the result.
Venla Kauppinen, Head of sales and marketing