Spahotel Kunnonpaikka

Project description

Kunnonpaikka is a well-being center in Kuopio, Finland with more than one hundred employees, offering a wide range of services such as rehabilitation, meeting rooms for businesses, restaurants and many sports facilities. The need for a new website had been there for some time, as the former publishing system did not fulfill today's needs, and many of the editing needs required the service provider's support. In other words, the former content management system (CMS) was not flexible enough to be configurable from the customer's side. Following the comparison of CMS, Kunnonpaikka chose the Drupal platform because of its flexibility, roles and permission system, multilingual properties which excel e.g over Wordress.

Kunnonpaikka has its own graphical guide (styleguide) for branding, and using the old site as a starting point, a slightly modernized layout was created for the target audience. Since the system has to serve all the departments that provide a large number of different parts of the site (such as a rehabilitation section implemented in a different color scheme), we used Panelizer to implement the flexibility. In this case, users in the admin role can click together pages that are different from each other and can lift for a visitor, for example, different promotions depending on the context.

The site utilizes scheduling functions e.g. for the weekly publication of lunch menus. In this case, the menus can be created already on previous week, by the chef himself (who alone has the right to edit the lists) and without the previous experience of managing any CMS said the process has been "surprisingly easy".

Most work on the project required two different calendars for front page monthly calendar and sport calendar which both also are site's most visited pages. The Drupal community did not provide a module for any desired functionality at the time of construction. But as always, the solution was found using Views + Exposed filter + Calendar + Quicktabs modules, and a little Javascript.


The biggest challenge in the project was to provide services to all Kunnonpaikka's parties who use the site and offer their services. This means that the site will be edited by many different people working in different positions. Sometimes this issue is solved by using multisites, where different departments in the company have completely different websites. Or there are 1-2 people in the company who update the site for others, which leads to e-mail conversations and waste of time. Although the Drupal platform has been criticized for poor editing experience, Drupal 8 seems to have solved most of the problem.

Great project management. We are very satisfied to the result.
Venla Kokkonen, Head of sales and marketing