Web Booking for Hotellinx Hotel management system

Hotellinx Internationale Verkäufe


"Sell rooms and services worldwide from your homepage"


Web booking is an online reservation system to sell rooms, packages, and services from Hotellinx Hotel Management System. It is integrated seamlessly to your homepage when used together with our Digital Marketing Machine (DMM). It increases your sales, sales margins, and brand awareness.

The system is out-of-the-box:

  • Multilingual for the international audience
  • Responsive to all devices
  • Easy to use for visitors and your staff


"Ready to get fully booked?"





Increase sales by:

  1. Cross-selling by offering additional services (e.g. beverages, treatments, food, activities etc.)
  2. Sell directly from your homepage
  3. Optimized Amazon-like effortless booking process


No third party costs

When booked from a third party site (booking.com or similar) you pay 10-20% fee of that sale.

The system is 100% yours and there are no hidden costs.


Less work for staff

Desired rooms and packages are synchronized automatically from Hotellinxto, and will be offered in your webshop. When a customer makes a reservation the data is immediately transferred back to Hotellinx and the staff is informed.


Keep user data for future marketing

When the user books a room the customer information remains to the system. You can use the data for remarketing purposes using DMM or other sales channels.




See showcase Kunnonpaikka Spa Hotel





  • Sell additional services
  • Room locking for capacity management
  • Booking confirmation to the customer and your staff
  • Campaign codes
  • Additional service sales restrictions and configuration per day, hour, minute (e.g. Alcohol is restricted between 9:00 - 21:00. Or lunch available only on Mon-Fri between 12:00-16:00)
  • Optimized booking experience
  • Use your website for digital marketing
  • GDPR compliant



Installing the Digital Marketing Machine together with the Hotellinx booking system is an optimal solution to take the sales to another level. Not only you sell more accommodations, but services like food, beverages, experiences, events, or any additional services together with the room. Adding another service to your offering won't get any easier!

The sales are expected to rise from 30% to 100%, but you will also increase the sales margins. Together with organic and paid online marketing, you can begin to find customers nearby and all over the world. The booking process allows the customer to place an order quickly and easily - using any device anywhere.


You want to increase sales and sales margins?


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Cost and Delivery

Budget range: 12.000€-50.000€

Our projects usually take 3-16 weeks.

Are there licence fees?

No. Drupal and therefore the whole project is GPLv3 licensed.

Can I further develop my system?

Yes. Learn and grow along with your business!