Digital Marketing Machine

Digital Marketing Maschine


"We took the world's best CMS and configured it to a Digital Marketing Machine."



Have you ever thought about how people find your website? Internet visibility is difficult to gain and competition for search engine popularity is fierce. Your site competes with billions of others for visibility, so a do-it-yourself generator or a ready-packaged homepage won't solve the problem. Why do you need a webstore or a blog if the potential customers won't find it?


Our Digital Marketing Machine (DMM) is made to emphasize and provide visibility for your website and brand.


DMM is a tool for small marketing teams to start implementing the digital marketing strategy as easy and as fast as possible.

It's your Digital Marketing Machine.





DMM is built on Drupal 8, a well-known CMS used by the most successful organizations in the world including Tesla, Pfizer, N.Y State, Harvard University, The Economist and millions more. These companies also used millions to build their pages but you don't need to.

We build all our projects with DMM to kickstart the development and setting an efficient workflow. All this saves time and money from you and from us.

For DMM we picked up all the best digital marketing modules and features of Drupal for a marketing team. we can activate more functionality when your team learns and grows because it's a truly modular system.




"Why are some more successful in the web than others?"



These are some of the basic features to get you started

  • SEO (for your business case!)
  • Live Chat
  • Email Marketing
  • Easy content creation
  • Blog/Vblog
  • Analytics
  • Social Media integration
  • Metatags
  • PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • ...

You are ready for

  • Marketing Automation: We can add it.
  • Webshop: We add Commerce.
  • Heatmaps: We integrate the service.
  • Google Tag Manager: We add the module.
  • Something else: There is probably a module for it. 


"Is your digital marketing strategy working?"


All projects are also out-of-the-box

  • Responsive
  • Multilingual


The Marketing Machine is about organic marketing and using creative ways to promote your website. It does not exclude paid marketing which boosts, finds and enables other kinds of users. It's the platform to realize your digital marketing plan with minimal technical skills required - it even guides people on how to write SEO friendly content.


See some of our showcases or request a demo.


How much does it cost?

Budget range: 6.000€-50.000€

Our projects usually take 3-12 weeks.

Are there license fees?


Drupal and therefore the whole project is GPL licensed.

Why should I choose Marketing Machine?

It will be installed for your marketing team's needs. If you don't have marketing automation, we don't add it. If your team doesn't know how to use Salesforce, it does not make sense to use it.

Can I further develop my product?

Yes, that is the whole idea. We will find a service or a module and add it.

Learn and grow along with your business!

Can I use MM with a webshop?

Yes. We will add Commerce to it.

See our references.

What about paid marketing?

No problem - and you should do both! There are modules to track your campaigns from Google or Facebook

How is the vendor lock-in?

We have seen too much customer lock-in situations where you can't change an IT system. Your site belongs 100% to you and you can do it whatever you want. You can always find another Drupal professional to take care and develop your project further if you are not satisfied with us anymore. 

Why don't you have an official Drupal distro?

  1. Distributions are hard to maintain. We have a better way to kick off a project which is faster, with no redundant or old modules. The purpose of a distribution is showcasing and maintaining a project for a specific use case. Usually changing something in distribution is difficult. It is just a marketing term for the collection of modules and themes. But you will need your own brand and style. And also only the tools your marketing team needs.
  2. Sometimes we need manual changes depending on the customers marketing tools in use. E.g. You or your team want to use MailChimp, AWS, Mailjet, or nothing for email marketing.