Regularly importing data from .CSV using CRON

In the last article we managed to set up all commerce types and additional modules to import the data from our csv files. Now we need to do this regularly in order to provide users with the latest updates from our remote Hotellinx server.

Importing data from the server and writing them into the csv files is done by hook_cron() in our custom module from the first article. We want to do this once every hour, so we use the ultimate cron module in order to set up different execution times for different cronjobs.

Feeds can also be called via cron which imports the data every hour. As mentioned in the second article, the feeds have to be imported in the correct order for the Commerce variations to actually become visible. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the order in the feeds module but because we repeat this process every hour, it takes maximal two hours for the variations to be correctly imported.

Janis Bullert
Just testing

Just testing. Looks good.

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