17-years of Drupal development behind

Happy anniversary!

Another year of work behind which means thousands of patches, new iniatives and modules. Simple put: ever more modern and robust platform to create web applications and sites.

An article [1] published by Drupal association they gave some recent figures about the development of the framework from last year from which some interesting were:

  • There are already 190.000 sites running Drupal 8 in the web.
  • There are atleast 1597 stable modules for version 8.
  • 7240 developers around the world contributed code back for the project.

How are the stats from your CMS project?

More about the benefits and how the community works you can read here. From the video below you can see which organizations already use Drupal platform to grow and flourish in their businesses.

Original article and more info:

[1] https://www.drupal.org/blog/happy-seventeenth-birthday-drupal

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Tipi Koivisto

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