Some of our projects

100% customer satisfaction.

Mobile first responsive design.

We deliver quality webprojects which will be found. 

TIP Solutions is a distributed web development and digital marketing company. We deliver projects using Drupal, Drupal Commerce and React Native.

All our websites are build to be multilingual and fully responsive out-of-the-box. Our projects usually include a mobile App, online shop or a third party integration.

The company was founded 2013 and the people are located mostly in Kuopio, Finland and Hamburg, Germany.

Let's stop the bullshit bingo and let us build you a quality brand supporting digital marketing machine.


Our services

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Web development

We build apps and modular quality websites. More specific content management systems (CMS) - using Drupal framework. It allows to choose more than 35.000 modules (plugins) and 2500 themes (look and feel) to kickstart the development.

The chosen core tools and workflows support fast and reliable delivery. We can launch the project fast and do additional development when needed.

Project management

Project management

We all know that project management and openness is a crucial part of every successful project. We use agile methods like Scrum to deliver the best result for the customer - realistically and predictable way. Development happens fully transparent in GitLab. As a small team we can work flexible and fast.

Hosting kuva


Every website needs a good home. It has to be fast and it has to be always available. According to some studies about 40% of users leave the site if a page doesn't load in less than three seconds. And it does not matter if the user has a mobile phone or a laptop.

We plan, build and automatize server architectures and do performance optimization. You can also use your own cloud or one from our partners to host your application.

Design ikoni


One of the important aspects of a project is the design - the look and feel of your website. When it aligns with the technology and your brand it makes a powerful combination. Our designers make this happen.

If you already have a finished design guide that reflects your brand - no problem! Let us build you a marketing machine from that!



We have years of experience about open source technologies and we have done consulting about project workflows also in big webprojects. 

We are also happy to help you to choose the best possible solution for your needs. If your needs are not something from our core competence we will push you to the right direction.